Don't Give Up. You CAN Save Your Relationship. 

We know you're hurting, that your relationship is taking a toll on you, and that you want and deserve better. Though you may be thinking about leaving, if you know that what you'd REALLY prefer is for your current relationship to work out and feel better, then WE know that there IS a way to get there. Let us help you come back from the brink of despair, dissolution, or divorce, so you can reconnect with the hope, the relief, the safety, and the love that you have been missing.

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About the Back From The Brink High-Touch Intensive

Our signature coaching program, and our highest level of support. In this 12 week high-touch intensive program, we work closely with you and your partner to support each of you, both individually and together, in beginning to heal your relationship, rebuilding the foundation, and bringing it back from the brink of divorce or dissolution.

We've poured absolutely everything we can think of into this program to help ensure that you and your partner get all of the tools and resources, and the highest level of support you need to turn things around, keep your family together, and finally start feel safer, happier, and loved in your relationship again. In this program, we walk alongside you every step of the way down our proven path for healing and transformation, offering highly individualized, hands-on, high-touch support to help you not only save your relationship, but position yourselves for the conscious creation of a partnership that is better than it has ever been. 


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How Do We Even Come Back From This?

Understand How You Got Here 

By understanding the circumstances, choices, experiences, and reactions that brought you to this painful place, you empower yourself with the ability not only to move away from it, but also to ensure it doesn't repeat. 

We will help you get to the root of the problems, so you can heal and change what is really needed. Understanding what happened and why is an important part of the journey, and we will help you figure that out.

Learn & Become The Best Version Of You

Your relationship is a product of both you and your partner, so turning things around and creating something better in your relationship takes change within each of you.

Most people don't know how to do this well. We aren't taught the relationship skills, nor even the personal nervous system management skills we need to effectively navigate the painful and challenging experiences that our relationships so often bring. But you CAN learn, and we will teach you the proven frameworks, tools, and skills to ensure that the changes you need can happen. Plus, we will support you in practicing, applying, and succeeding in the becoming that your relationship challenges are inviting you into.

Heal And Grow Within Yourself & Your Relationship

Although you can do nothing to change the past, nor can you "go back" to the way things were... moving forward and rebuilding a better relationship must necessitates a healing journey. Part of that is healing and growth within yourself, and part of that is healing and growth within your partnership.

This process is not always easy... sometimes it's downright painful. Butand... it's SO worth the journey, and with us right by your side, you won't be doing it it alone. 

I'm Want To Come Back

Unfortunately, It Won't Get Better On Its Own

If you're like most couples, you've been "dealing" with your unhappy, struggling relationship for a long time already. And chances are, that while you may have experienced some periods of improvement, they haven't lasted, and the general trend is that things keep feeling worse. This is because each repeat of the same fight, injury, pattern, or unresolved issues erodes the good feelings, connection, and sense of safety and fulfillment you've had. And the worse you feel about your partner and your relationship, the harder it is to connect, have fun, trust, or be intimate. And the less you have of those positive experiences, the more you're likely to have the negative ones-- quick triggers and reactivity, defensiveness, frustration, and even a growing dislike for your partner.

You're caught in the downward spiral, and you need something to interrupt that spiral so that it can stop going down. And after that, you need to learn how to do things differently in your relationship so you can not only prevent things from going down again, but also (and perhaps more importantly), start turning things around in the other direction-- upward. Better. That's what our Back From The Brink high-touch intensive will help you do. 

I'm Ready To Turn This Around

Real Talk About The Journey Ahead

Healing and transforming a relationship that's already at the brink of divorce or dissolution is 100% possible (we've done it ourselves, and have helped many other couples do the same!), butand... it's not a journey for the faint of heart. There is likely a lot of hurt, resentment, and frustration built up. There may be major injuries or unexpected and unwanted changes to face. You probably don't feel particularly safe talking with your partner about the struggles or injuries you've experienced, because you've learned that it doesn't go well and results in things feeling worse, not better. So the result is that your nervous system has become very sensitive to your partner and whatever issues exist between you two... thus making the journey feel like a very scary, uncertain, vulnerable, and potentially painful one. 

Thankfully, with the right guidance, support, and tools, it doesn't have to be so hard or painful. That's why we're here, why we've created this program. Yet for as much as we give, we know that it will only go so far unless you're bringing some things to the table. 

We call them the "3 C's." Watch this (kind of) short video as Dr. Jeni explains, so that you can decide if you've got what it takes to make this journey. 

I Have The 3 C's!

What You'll Get In The Back From The Brink High-Touch Intensive

(Too many things to put into one block, so we had to put it into an accordion! Expand to see them all!)

What's My Next Step?

Here's What Sets Us Apart

First of all, WE are different (and proudly so!), and our authenticity and lived experiences shine through. 

But aside from that... a few important things set the PowerfuLove programs apart from other supports or solutions out there.

  1. We support you individually AND as a couple. Each of you has your own experience-- your own thoughts, feelings, needs, and healing/growth journeys. Your partnership is made of both of you, and so both of you need individual time, space, attention, healing, and support. But your relationship is also more than the sum of its parts-- it's an entity of it's own, and so your partnership itself also needs time, space, attention, healing, and support! We've ensured that our coaching support, classes, integration exercises, AND community experience attend to both the individual and the relationship. It's the best of all worlds... and it works! 

  2. You get BOTH of us. Cal and Jeni work together as a team in support of your team. While each of you will be assigned an individual coach to work with, we are constantly communicating behind the scenes to keep one another informed and updated about each of you and how things are going. And when we work with you as a couple, we are both there with both of you. This means you have two minds, two perspectives, two people advocating for both you and your relationship. You get a balance of masculine and feminine energies, of pursue and withdraw nervous systems, of black and white, of neurodivergence and neurotypicality, of traditional relationship training and hard-won personal growth and authenticity... and so much more. (Turns out, we are pretty different... very Yin and Yang over here!) 

  3. The courses and curriculum are GOLD! We've created a powerful and transformational core program that has proven itself time and again in our work with couples. We have been blown away by the quick and profound healing and growth that we see happen when partners go through our curriculum and classes. We've taken the most relevant and important information and insights from leading-edge relationship psychology, mindset, neuroscience, personal growth, and spirituality and put it together in engaging and easy-to-understand ways so that your learning process can not only be transformational, but also enjoyable. 

  4. We don't stop at learning and talking. We know that real change comes from doing. This is why in both our coaching and our courses, we invite you to engage in powerful action steps and integration exercises. We want to help you build momentum and keep it, so that you not only stop the downward spiral in your relationship, but then create an upward spiral that LASTS!

  5. Community is essential. Too often, we keep our relationship struggles quiet. No one wants to "air their dirty laundry." There's an element of shame or embarrassment... a fear of being judged... and the perception that everyone else has it better. Trust us... more people than not are struggling in their relationships! You're not alone, but thinking and feeling alone in our struggles, and their solutions, benefits no one. We all benefit from connection and community. From solidarity and support. From encouragement and accountability. We learn from one another, teach one another, and better each other's lives and relationships by opening up to the power of community. 
Let's Get Started!

Your Instructors

Dr. Jeni Wahlig & Calvin Osili 

PowerfuLove Coaches 

Creators of PowerfuLove relationship coaching- a revolutionary approach to helping trailblazing* couples become empowered to heal, improve, strengthen, and expand the love in their relationships so they can consciously create fulfilling and unshakeable partnerships, live the fullest expression of themselves, and make a positive impact in their family and in the world.  

With both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Couple and Family Therapy, and over a decade as a practicing couples therapist and supervisor, Jeni has become an expert on relationships. Combining her knowledge and experience with Calvin’s passion for empowering others to challenge their programming and dare to live authentically, Jeni and Calvin offer critically conscious relationship education, high-level support, love-based accountability, and powerful integration exercises that are creating unbelievable transformation in the folx who work with them.  

 Those who have enrolled in PowerfuLove’s coaching programs and utilized the skills and tools that Jeni and Calvin teach have brought their relationship back from the brinks of divorce, developed unshakable confidence in their ability to navigate any of life’s challenges, let go of long-held injuries and resentments, and rediscovered connection, intimacy, and love that they’d feared was lost forever. 

Jeni and Calvin are committed to co-creating a relationship (r)Evolution whereby we all come to engage in relationships with greater consciousness, love, authenticity, and Empowered Accountability 

*Trailblazer: Any couple who is different, feels different, or dares to live differently, authentically, and in courageous pursuit of their dreams or purpose in the world, who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves and learning more conscious and powerful ways to love, for the betterment of their lives, the world, and future generations.