-  Frequently Asked Questions  -

Q: What is the difference between therapy/counseling and coaching?

A: In a nutshell there are difference between the 2 methods.  Choosing the right one for you/your situation can be confusing.  We truly believe that you can benefit from both simultaneously.  Coaching is most effective when you are committed to making change in yourself and your relationship.


Coaching Therapy/Counseling
Present, future and goals focused Past and present focus
Does not diagnose Can diagnose illness
Not licensed by any governing bodies Licensed by state and governed
Plan and action Reflection and healing
Time limited Open ended


May be best when…

High functioning / Mentally healthy Interested in healing past issues/traumas
Want to experience change in self and life Experience complex mental health conditions or substance abuse
You're looking for accountability and "hands-on" support You're looking for insight, understanding, resolution 



The International Coach Federation (ICF) use this analogy:

“A coach is like an athletic trainer while a therapist is like a medical doctor specializing in sports medicine. Both draw from a shared body of knowledge that includes anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, and the like. The trainer works from the assumption that the athlete is essentially sound in body and is focused on improving fitness and performance. The trainer will refer the athlete to the team doctor if there is reason to believe they have an injury. Similarly, coaches and therapists work with the same material but with different skill sets and to different ends.”


Q: Can I use my insurance?

A: No. Most insurance and job benefit plans don't cover life coaching as a service, so most likely this will be an out of pocket cost to you.  

However, sometimes employers offer wellness stipends that use a client reimbursement model. We'd be happy to provide the necessary invoices for that.