We're not your average coaches... 

We know what it means to be ‘different’. We identify as a queer, trans, bi-racial/BIPOC, and polyamorous couple.  As transformational relationship coaches, it is our mission to end interpersonal suffering through more evolved relationships, beginning with our very own LGBTQIA+ community (though we are not exclusive!). 

Our hands-on and transformational approach teaches you what you need and closely supports you in applying it, so you can create the extraordinarily easy, unshakeable, and conflict-free relationship that you have dreamed of (and deserve!)

Dr. Jeni Wahlig

I identify as genderqueer femme, greysexual queer, and polyamorous. I am also white, able bodied, educated, a biological mom to 1 and a parent to 3 more. I am a relationship nerd, spiritual (but not religious--I believe we are ALL powerful creators living in a magical universe full of possibilities!), a feminist, and an advocate for equity, accountability, anti-oppression work, and decolonization efforts. These pieces of my identity shape me and influence every corner of my life. 

Professionally, I received my PhD in couple and family therapy in 2017 from Antioch University New England. I specialized in same-sex relationships and trans issues.

After working for nearly a decade as a licensed individual and couples therapist, primarily to the Queer/Trans communities, I made the switch to coaching.

Why? Because I wanted to help my clients experience quicker and more lasting transformations, I wanted to work specifically with folx who were highly committed to creating extraordinary relationships, and I wanted to be able to show up more authentically in the work I was doing. As a coach, I get to do all of these things!

I also am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, have received Reiki level II training, and I co-own a group therapy practice with my wife, Stephanie.

Calvin Osili

I identify as a heterosexual and polyamorous man. I am trans 🏳️‍⚧️, bi-racial 1st gen Nigerian-American, neurodivergent, mostly able-bodied, a bio-dad to three and parent to two more.

I believe that our thoughts and beliefs are powerful (thoughts become things!), that laughter, cannabis, and psilocybin can be very effective and healing medicines, and that M&Ms (while a substandard chocolate) do taste different from each other by color. 

My career has taken many surprising turns. While I got my BS in biology and was once well on my way to a career as a doctor, I switched gears just before entering med school because something in me knew that wasn’t my path. I spent 15 years in Healthcare IT, primarily in roles of leadership and mentoring and achieved my PMP and other software certifications.

Still unsatisfied with the work I was doing, I found that what I really loved was supporting people in their own personal and professional growth. So, in early 2019, I made my shift to coaching and attended the Applied Depths Practitioner Institute. I have also been certified as an Infinite Possibilities trainer, have received Reiki level II training, and I am working toward my HeartMath clinical certification for stress, anxiety, and self-regulation.

I have a stand alone coaching practice called High Life Transformations  where I support and inspire my clients experiencing or wanting to experience real transformation to live their life authentically, freely, and fulfilled to their highest potential – despite being steeped in a culture full of “shoulds”.

I also offer a group coaching/course called "Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Intentionally Creating your Life - QT Edition🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️" in partnership with Resonant Relationships.

Our journey led us... to you!

Career path aside, it is through our own unique relationship journey-- full of pain, struggle, conflict, and giving up then trying again-- our life experiences –gender transition, polyamory transition, co-parenting four kids, and leaving long-term careers to pursue our passions – coupled with over 20 years of relationship and personal development studies and 10 years of supporting relationships through therapy, that we feel entirely confident that we can help you get to where you want to be. 

We've been where you are. Maybe even in a worse place, but we've figured out how to transcend ALL of our struggles and create a relationship that's better than we've ever imagined. And it's our passion and our honor to help YOU get there too.


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On a Personal Note

In our free time (with what little we have) we enjoy spending time playing with our kids, dates exploring local restaurants or comedy clubs, walks, snuggling in front of the TV, deepening our mindset and spirituality, doing our own independent things (Cal loves sports, Jeni loves reading!), and going on travel adventures all over the United States and the world!