We're not your average coaches... 

Dr. Jeni Wahlig and Calvin Osili are relationship transformation coaches, speakers, educators, and creators of PowerfuLove relationship coaching- a revolutionary approach to helping trailblazing* couples become empowered to stop the heartache and drain of their relationship struggles and consciously create fulfilling and unshakeable partnerships so they can live the fullest expression of themselves and make a positive impact in their family and in the world. 

With both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Couple and Family Therapy, and over a decade as a practicing couples therapist and supervisor, Jeni has become an expert on relationships. Combining her knowledge and experience with Calvin’s passion for empowering others to challenge their programming and dare to live authentically, Jeni and Calvin offer critically conscious relationship education, high-touch support, love-based accountability, and powerful integration exercises that are creating unbelievable transformation in the folx who work with them. 

Those who have enrolled in PowerfuLove’s coaching programs and utilized the skills and tools that Jeni and Calvin teach have brought their relationship back from the brinks of divorce, developed unshakable confidence in their ability to navigate any of life’s challenges, let go of long-held injuries and resentments, and rediscovered connection, intimacy, and love that they’d feared was lost forever.

Jeni and Calvin are committed to co-creating a relationship (r)Evolution whereby we all come to engage in relationships with greater consciousness, love, authenticity, and Empowered Accountability. They have shared their message of Empowered Accountability on stages all across the United States, including Philadelphia's Trans Wellness Conference, MBLGTACC, Southwest Love Fest, Forever One Couples Conference, Contemporary Relationships Conference, and more. 

Jeni and Calvin identify as a trailblazing queer, trans, polyamorous, interracial, neurodiverse, entrepreneurial, spiritual, blended-family couple who are proudly unschooling their four young children. They value attention to intersectionality and dynamics of power and privilege within themselves, their relationship, and their business. Jeni and Calvin are dedicated to "possibility modeling:" showing their community and the world new possibilities for what life and love can look like. 

When not busy coaching, teaching, speaking, or parenting, Jeni and Calvin can be found recharging with their favorite shows, going on walks, connecting with nature, enjoying food they don't have to cook, or dreaming about their next big adventure. 

*Trailblazer: Any couple who is different, feels different, or dares to live differently, authentically, and in courageous pursuit of their dreams or purpose in the world. 

If you're interested in working with Jeni and Calvin to improve (or even save) your relationship, your next step is to schedule a FREE Relationship Empowerment call to see if you're a good fit. (You'll get value from the call either way!)

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Our journey led us... to you!

Career path aside, it is through our own unique relationship journey-- full of pain, struggle, conflict, and giving up then trying again-- our life experiences –gender transition, polyamory transition, co-parenting and unschooling four kids, and leaving long-term careers to pursue our passions – coupled with over 20 years of relationship and personal development studies and 10 years of supporting relationships through therapy, that we feel entirely confident that we can help you get to where you want to be. 

We've been where you are. Maybe even in a worse place, but we've figured out how to transcend ALL of our struggles and create a relationship that's better than we've ever imagined. And it's our passion and our honor to help YOU get there too.


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 On a Personal Note

In our free time (with what little we have) we enjoy spending time playing with our kids, dates exploring local restaurants or comedy clubs, walks, snuggling in front of the TV, deepening our mindset and spirituality, doing our own independent things (Cal loves sports, Jeni loves reading!), and going on travel adventures all over the United States and the world!

Our Values & Beliefs

These are the principle beliefs and commitments that underlie and guide everything we do.

Love Over Fear

We believe that love is the way. When we can release ourselves from fear and choose to step into love, we access healing, connection, and personal empowerment. Learning how to consciously choose love over fear is a central tenant to our work.

Empowered Accountability

This is the foundational framework we teach and transform relationships through. It acknowledges that you have power and influence in your relationship, and supports you identifying how you can be an effective agent of change for the better.


Power and privilege dynamics matter. We are committed to ongoing self-reflective, social justice, and anti-oppressive journeys, attention to intersectionality, oppression, and equity dynamics in ourselves, our relationships, and our work.

Happiness Starts Within

Happiness is an inside job, and while our partner(s) can add to our happiness, they cannot be responsible for it. Thus, we believe that prioritizing ways to honor, heal, and fulfill our own hearts and parts is a necessary part of transforming our relationship. 

We'd be honored to help.

The way we see it, most of the suffering in the world is caused by relationships that aren't working, so when you heal and improve your relationship, you help heal the world too.

Of course, we get that your priority right now is probably just saving YOUR relationship so you can stop hurting and feel happy, relaxed, safe, and loved... and so you can turn your time, energy, and focus back toward living your purpose and creating your dreams. Trust us, we are SO on board with helping you do that. 

But do know... you being here, willing to invest time, energy, and money to become who you need to be, to participate in healing your relationship, to learn how to love more consciously and powerfully, and to show up with everything you've got for your relationship-- is no small thing.

You are one of the few.

And we want to acknowledge and honor you for that.

More about Dr. Jeni Wahlig

I identify as gender-defiant femme, greysexual queer, and polyamorous. I am also white, able bodied, educated, a biological mom to 1 and a co-parent to 3 more. I am a relationship nerd, spiritual (but not religious--I believe we are ALL powerful creators living in a magical universe full of possibilities!), a feminist, and an advocate for equity, accountability, anti-oppression work, and decolonization efforts. These pieces of my identity shape me and influence every corner of my life. 

Professionally, I received my PhD in couple and family therapy in 2017 from Antioch University New England. I specialized in relationship success factors, same-sex relationships, and trans issues.

After working for nearly a decade as a licensed individual and couples therapist, primarily to the Queer/Trans communities, I made the switch to coaching.

Why? Because I wanted to help my clients experience quicker and more lasting transformations, I wanted to work specifically with folx who were highly committed to creating extraordinary relationships, and I wanted to be able to show up more authentically in the work I was doing. As a coach, I get to do all of these things!

I also am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and have received Reiki level II training.

More about Coach Calvin Osili

I identify as a heterosexual and polyamorous man. I am trans 🏳️‍⚧️, bi-racial 1st gen Nigerian-American, neurodivergent, mostly able-bodied, a bio-dad to three and parent to two more.

My career has taken many surprising turns. While I got my BS in biology and was once well on my way to a career as a doctor, I switched gears just before entering med school because something in me knew that wasn’t my path. I spent 15 years in Healthcare IT, primarily in roles of leadership and mentoring and achieved my PMP and other software certifications.

Still unsatisfied with the work I was doing, I found that what I really loved was supporting people in their own professional and personal growth. So, in early 2019, I made my shift to coaching and achieved several certifications from a few amazing teachers and thought leaders.

I recognized, however, that I had a real gift and interest in supporting and coaching couples through the challenges of creating a relationship that actually feels good to be in!  I love witnessing the transformations that are possible in the person, in the relationship and how it has a beautiful ripple effect into all of the other areas of life. 

An Acknowledgment Of This Land & It's Ancestral Stewards

We acknowledge that we are live, work, and benefit from the stolen ancestral lands of the Puyallup, Muckleshoot, Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla Tribes whose ancestors once cared for and thrived upon this land and whose descendants still live unacknowledged and stripped of their rightful lands. We participate in "Real Rent Duwamish," which pays monthly rent to the Duwamish Tribe who were the First Peoples of the Seattle area, and we commit ourselves to ongoing education and advocacy in support of the First Peoples of our community and our country. We give thanks to the ancestral stewards of these lands that nourish us and promise to honor, treasure, and care for our Earth in as many ways as we can. 

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