Working with Us

There are a few different ways we work with couples....


One to One & Couple to Couple Coaching -

As a great and effective alternative to traditional couples therapy/counseling, Jeni and Calvin coach couples and individuals within a couple system to help create meaningful transformation in themselves and their relationships.

Be The One Program

Be the One program is unlike anything else you will find for preparing you, guiding you step-by-step, and supporting you all the way to that transformation you are looking for. 

It is a 6mo program, we will teach you how YOU alone can be the catalyst for the changes and improvements you want in your relationship – regardless of what the other person is doing and in a way that feels authentic to you. 

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Group Relationship Coaching

- in partnership with Resonant Relationships

Path to Extraordinary Relationships - 

We all want truly extraordinary relationships, but most of the time, our relationships are more difficult than we imagined they'd be! The truth is, none of us have been taught how to navigate the hard parts of relationships, much less create truly extraordinary ones. 

This group intends to change that.

Join us in this non-therapy relationship education and coaching group to learn how to have better, easier, even extraordinary relationships! Open to individuals, couples, and polycules!

Each group will addresses a common source of relationship struggle and how to transcend it, with opportunities for live personal coaching support from Jeni and Calvin. 

This is an open, ongoing, weekly group. We offer this group via Zoom:

Open to ALL Space: Mondays, 4-5:30pm PST

Relationship Education & Group Coaching | 90 mins

$40/$60 drop-in (ind/couple)

$400/$600 12 session pkg


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Couples Communication Workshop
6 hours total | $299 per couple | $249 individual

Communication issues are the most frequently stated source of frustration and dissatisfaction in couple relationships. And we get it! When something is bothering you, when you are hurt, upset, confused, disappointed, angry, etc— you probably want to talk to your partner about it! Yet when the need for communication is about something hard, painful, or vulnerable, suddenly, communication itself tends to become hard, painful, and vulnerable!
If you want to understand why this happens, what you can do about it, and how to improve communication in your relationship, then this workshop is for you! During the 6 hours we work together, we will help you to increase awareness around what’s behind the communication issues you’re struggling with and the typical pattern you and your beloved get stuck in, learn proven communication tools, and become empowered to create new communication experiences and connection. This workshop will include interactive education, guided interventions, and accountability exercises.
Our next workshop will be held online over a two-day intensive:

Dates - Coming Soon!


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Retreats - Coming Late 2022/2023