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There are a number of ways to work with us, learn from us, and access our tools and support for your relationship. From high-touch intensive coaching support to do-it-yourself learning, we strive to find ways to help as many people as we can with whatever fits their time, energy, and budget best.

ALL of our offerings will empower you with all of the support, education, and skills you need to powerfully and permanently transform your relationship, regardless of which you choose. The primary differences are the level and intensity of coaching support from us, and the financial investment from you.

Our programs are also designed so that you can experience profound healing and change even if you're partner's not on board... even if ONLY YOU participate... though partners are always encouraged and invited, as we know this creates accelerated growth and transformation.

Check out the info below to get a feel for some of your options.  

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Back From The Brink High-Touch Intensive

Our signature coaching program, and our highest level of support. In this 12 week high-touch intensive program, we work closely with you and your partner to support each of you, both individually and together, in beginning to heal your relationship, rebuilding the foundation, and bringing it back from the brink of divorce or dissolution.

We've poured absolutely everything we can think of into this program to help ensure that you and your partner get all of the tools, resources, and support you need to turn things around, keep your family together, and finally start feel safer, happier, and loved in your relationship again. If you're looking for a proven path and the kind of highly individualized, hands-on, high-touch support to save your relationship... this may be the program for you. 

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Relationship Reset Intensive 

Our 12-week Relationship Reset Intensive is designed to help you and your partner shift out of the patterns and problems that have been pulling you apart, and reset the energy and direction of your relationship toward one of greater safety, accountability, partnership, connection, and conscious love.  

With a combination of both group individual calls and private couple-to-couple calls, all of our most essential courses and curriculum, and our growing community of couples like yourself, these 3-months will help you create massive transformation, quickly! 

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High-Impact, Full Support Coaching Weekends

Want an even more intensive way of working with us?  We can help you turn things around in a weekend!

Consider booking us for an intensive weekend of work, you two with us two.  

While there is a significant pre-work education component, we structure the weekend into some learning, but mostly working with the two of you, in your habitat, (or not, we're flexible), navigating the hard stuff more successfully and more supported than you've ever been in a therapy or coaching container.  

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The Path To Extraordinary Relationships Class Library Membership 

The Path to Extraordinary Relationships ("Path") classes are science-backed, accountability-centered classes that explore common relationship challenges and teach you how to navigate them more consciously and effectively. Complete with integration exercises to make your learning personal, embodied, and immediately applicable, each class is a powerful, information-packed opportunity to dive deeper into your relationship growth and healing journey and empower you to take your relationship to the next level!

Included in EACH of our other programs, you can also choose to access JUST the Path class library for a small monthly membership fee. New Path classes are released every month, with opportunities for our members to choose which topic we explore next! 

For only $88 this monthly membership gives you unlimited access to our entire library of Path class recordings, so you can learn about topics that are relevant to YOU, on your schedule. 

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Speaking, Presentations, and Consultation

Want us to speak at your event? We will gladly teach and inspire your audience to show up for their relationship(s) more consciously, powerfully, and effectively.

We offer presentations and consultations to couples, therapists, coaches, business organizations, spiritual groups, classes, and more.

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • Empowered Accountability
  • How to move past struggles & create an extraordinary relationship
  • Powerful Communication
  • Navigating intersectionality
  • Power & privilege in relationships
  • LGBTQ+ relationships
  • Trans/Gender Diverse relationships
  • Polyamory/CNM
  • Critically conscious work with LGBTQ+ couples

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