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You found your soulmate...  So why are things so hard?


Does this sounds like you?

You found your person, and you knew they were the one. And since then, you've been building your life and your dreams around each other. 

And in the beginning, you were filled with hope and possibilities, love and excitement. But somewhere along the line, things started to change.

Conflict patterns emerged, and communication became a BIG problem. 

Now, instead of feeling energized and happy, you're feeling drained and defeated

Your headspace is consumed by the problems you're having in your relationship, and it's keeping you from focusing on the other things that matter to you. 

You're tired of waking up heavy, lonely, and sad from another day of dissatisfaction and disconnection.

These struggles--the ongoing heartache-- is overwhelming and exhausting. 

You'd give anything to save this relationship... but you're running out of energy and ideas. 


We can help.


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(As impossible as it may seem right now...)

Things CAN be so much better than they've been!


We've seen what's possible-- we've even experienced it ourselves!

We know that with the right tools and support, couples can make it from the brink of despair and divorce (or breakup) into extraordinary happiness. In fact, we believe that you are here, right now, because you are ready for the next level of growth and love in your life. 

There's no going back to "how it was," there's only going forward to "how you want it to be." And trust us, it can be even better than you have ever imagined. 

You deserve to feel happy, energized, and loved in your relationship. And we want that for you! We know it's possible, and helping you get there, is what drives us. 


Here's what we can help you achieve:

Better Communication  

Communicate with one another more easily and effectively. No more blow-ups or shut downs. No more fear about talking to your partner. Now communication actually gets you somewhere!

Navigate Challenges TOGETHER

No more feeling like opponents. You know you're on the same team, and you're acting like it-- with compassion, support, and collaboration. It's "us" against the problems. 

Repair, Heal, and Finally Let Go 

A lot of hurt and resentment have built up; it's time to heal and let it go. Finally leave the past behind you in a way that feels good. And new hurts, when they happen, get repaired quickly and easily.

Energy to Build the Life of Your Dreams. 

Resting easy in the security and satisfaction of your love, you can now focus on the other things that matter to you-- your calling, your passions, and your big dreams for the future. 

But you need to know the TRUTH about what it takes


You've spent a long time stuck in these painful patterns. Too long. And, if you're like most couples, you've already tried a few things to make your relationship better, but they haven't worked... or at least not as well as you wanted them to. 

You're not alone. Most of the couples we see have been stuck in some degree of struggle for 7 years or more! After so much time, real, lasting change can begin to feel impossible. 

Let us assure you-- it's not!

But it does take MORE than what most people try, (and believe it or not, you have NOT tried everything yet!)

Going from drained and disconnected to happily ever after is not a journey for the feint of heart, and it doesn't happen overnight. (Though, you'd be surprised at how quickly things can start to improve!)

Transforming your relationship takes commitment, courage, and the willingness to learn, grow, and step into YOUR next level of self. 

Yes, YOUR next level. Certainly, your partner has work to do too, but focusing on what they need to change is ineffective at best, and, more often than not, makes things worse.

The truth is, it only takes ONE person to change a relationship, but when BOTH of you are doing the work of improving your own part of what hasn't been working-- with true commitment, courage, and willingness to grow-- THAT is when the magic happens

If you think you've got what it takes, and you're willing to give your all to save your relationship, then we want to show up to help make it happen. 

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Why working with us... WORKS! 


When we work with couples, we get results. 

Our couples experience tremendous improvement in their relationship in as little as 3 months!


Why are our results so good? Great question!

1) We know what we are doing.

  • We bring a combined 20+ years of experience in relationship and personal development.
  • Our work is grounded in cutting edge research and thought leadership in couples therapy, personal development, mindset, and spirituality.
  • We use a clear, proven framework for understanding problems and empowering you into solutions. 
  • Our program was developed in response to Jeni's 10+ year PhD-level work as a licensed Couple & Family Therapist, and the ways she found that couples therapy was falling short.

2) We go way beyond "support." In ADDITION to coaching with US, we provide:

  • An entire digital curriculum to help you learn the key concepts, frameworks, and skills to help you be more effective in creating change.
  • A full PDF workbook to review the curriculum (or in case you like to read rather than watch).
  • Integration exercises to help take the learning deeper and begin to apply it immediately. 
  • Access to a class library, so you can learn more about topics that are most relevant to YOU.
  • A supportive community to offer feedback and remind you that you're not alone.
  • Additional access to us (in our 1:1 coaching program) so you can get the extra support you need when you need it.

3) We help you build and keep momentum, so things can keep getting better and easier.

  • It's not just an hour per week, like therapy. Working with us means prioritizing your relationship and spending about 2-4 hours each week learning, processing, reflecting, applying, and receiving feedback.
  • We help you focus on what you want to be different going forward and we offer clear, specific steps you can take each week to get there.
  • Our program and process builds upon itself, setting you up for success as you and your relationship grow and heal.
  • We are paying attention to how you're doing and become your accountability partners; you're not alone in this work.
I'm ready for this!

Your Next Step (It's Free!)

Contact us for a free 90 minute Relationship Empowerment coaching session. 

We'll help you get clear on exactly what’s not working, what you want to be different, and the next most important step you can take to get there.


If we think we can help and that you'd be a good fit for our program, we can talk about that too, but either way our goal is to empower you with clarity and direction.


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Other ways to work with us

Who we are... 

Welcome, dear one. We're so glad you found us! My name is Dr. Jeni Wahlig (she/they), and with me is my partner and soulmate, Calvin Osili (he/him).

We are members of the LGBTQ+ community and polyamorous. We are an interracial couple and a blended family. Attention to intersectionality, power and privilege is a core value for ourselves, our relationship, and our work. 

Our relationship has been an epic story that began with years of painful and exhausting struggles that nearly destroyed us. Not even my PhD and private practice in couples therapy was enough to save our relationship.

We were drained and defeated, consumed by our struggles, and it was affecting every other area of our lives. Something had to change, or we weren't going to make it.

Thankfully, we figured it out and transformed our relationship from disconnected and dissatisfied into an easy, fulfilling, 99% conflict-free relationship of our dreams!

And it was THIS experience that inspired us to examine exactly what we'd done so we could help others do the same (but more quickly and easily than we did!) 


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Who we work with...

We don't work with just anyone; we know it's important to find the right "fit". We want the time, energy, and money you spend in any work with us to be more than worth the investment. So here are the kind of folx we vibe with best...

We love working with trailblazers-- folx who are committed to carving their own path, who insist on being in full alignment with their Truth, who dare to go after their dreams, and who desire to live their fullest and most joyful expressions of Self. 

We work with the rebels and counter-culture folx, with people who are courageous enough to pursue radical authenticity, live outside of the box, challenge norms, and marching to the beat of their own drum. 

We work with mission-driven entrepreneurs, helpers, healers, spiritual seekers, light-workers, and soulmates.

We work with parents who deeply desire to show their children how to do love and relationships far better than they'd ever been taught themselves.

And we work with ANY person or couple committed to personal growth and accountability, and who is willing to do the work to center in love and  consciousness so that they can build an energizing, fulfilling, authentic partnership that lasts. 

And no, we don't ONLY work with Queer, Gender Diverse, or Non-Monogamous couples, but those identities are part of who we are, so it's important for us to be visible as representatives and resources to our communities. We model what's possible, and we GET the unique struggles for folx in these intersections.

If any of this sounds like you, then you've found your people!

Let's Connect

What others are saying...


Jen B. & Alex B.

Jeni and Calvin helped us save our marriage. When we first connected with them, we honestly weren't sure if we were going to make it. Though the work was hard sometimes, Jeni and Cal's coaching and support always got us through. Now, things are better than it's ever been. We are happier, we fight much less, we repair more quickly, and even the kids have noticed our improvements. This program was worth every penny and more. I don't think we could have made it here today without it.

Thank you Jeni and Calvin; you've been such a blessing to our lives!

Chris S. and Mary S.

Jeni and Calvin changed our lives dramatically. Their insight, dedication and thoughtfulness not only put our relationship on the right track, but also helped us grow as parents. Their gentle guidance allowed us to confront hard topics and question old assumptions. 

Jeni and Calvin delved into the root of our issues rather than “treating the symptoms.” They focused on developing tools to work through difficulties in a constructive, empowered way. The language they used to identify common relationship pitfalls have already permeated our interactions weekly and continue to strengthen our relationship.

What makes their program stand out is the combination of teaching with individual and couples coaching. We are forever grateful to them for their insight, honesty, and dedication. We are stronger than we have ever been in our eighteen years of marriage.

Mallory F.

I am a mental health professional and co-founder of a program designed to support educators both professionally and personally. As I was listening to Cal and Jeni speak about Empowered Accountability I was shocked at how much I was personally impacted by their message! Cal and Jeni are very good at what they do and I was impressed by their ability to get me to truly reflect on my own relationship and easily find ways that I, myself, can work on things within my own life. After their presentation, I found myself laughing, because I thought they would be good for my group members, but in fact they were really good for ME! Thank you Cal and Jeni!

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