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We empower ambitious couples to create more effortless, enjoyable, and energizing relationships, so they can spend life together having fun and realizing their highest potentials, individually and as a couple.




We're Jeni & Calvin.

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Helping couples to create partnerships that feel easy, fun, and fulfilling… is our joy and passion. 

We know the struggles of being in a relationship that’s not living up to what it could be—the draining conversations that turn into conflicts and the frustration when nothing improves. It’s distracting  and depleting– keeping us from fully engaging with life and the things that matter most.

We’ve been there. But we found a way to overcome our challenges and create a relationship that exceeds all our hopes and dreams. It’s better and easier than we ever imagined…

And it’s what our courses, programs, and retreats will help YOU create too. 

What Others Are Saying... 

Clients who work with us, and use the skills and tools we teach, have brought their relationship back from the brinks of divorce, developed unshakable confidence in their ability to navigate any of life’s challenges, let go of long-held injuries and resentments, rediscovered connection, intimacy, and love that they’d feared was lost forever, and created a depth of connection, ease, and happiness they never knew was possible.

"As a therapist myself, I honestly didn’t know where to turn when my husband and I needed support. I am so thankful for the Powerful Love program and everything that Jeni and Calvin have built… it has been transformative for me (and for us! Holy cow!).  I have a PhD in marriage and family therapy and have been a practicing therapist…and I have learned SO much from this program! …I cannot imagine where we would be without Jeni and Cal. 

Honestly, my only regret was not beginning sooner!"

Christine B, PhD, MFT

"Jeni and Calvin changed our lives dramatically. Their insight, dedication and thoughtfulness not only put our relationship on the right track, but also helped us grow as parents. Their gentle guidance allowed us to confront hard topics and question old assumptions… We are forever grateful to them for their insight, honesty, and dedication.

We are stronger than we have ever been in our eighteen years of marriage." 

Chris & Mary S.

"My spouse and I came upon PowerfuLove at a critical juncture in our marriage. We were both hurt, angry, and stuck at a standstill…I can say with absolute certainty that my marriage would not be where it is today without the love and support from Jeni and Cal. 

I am forever grateful to them."

Jean C.

"Jeni and Calvin helped us save our marriage. When we first connected with them, we honestly weren't sure if we were going to make it. Though the work was hard sometimes, Jeni and Cal's coaching and support always got us through. Now, things are better than it's ever been. We’re happier, we fight less, we repair quickly… even the kids have noticed our improvements. This program was worth every penny and more.

Thank you Jeni and Calvin; you've been such a blessing to our lives! "  


Jen & Alex B



You and your relationship are destined for GREATNESS.

Wherever you are starting, our programs are designed to help you achieve an unshakeable, unstoppable, and extraordinary bond– elevating your connection, happiness, and love to new heights.

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Take Your Relationship to the Next Level 

Next Level Love, our signature transformational program, is ideal for ambitious, dedicated couples who KNOW the value of their relationship and desire to strengthen it further.

This program is for you if you desire to be able to overcome ANY challenge with ease, deepen your connection and intimacy, and elevate your life and love so that you can experience even greater joy and fulfillment.

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Relationship Rescue

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Retreats & Experiences 

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Pre-Marital Support

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