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Commit to your ongoing relationship growth and healing journey with a Path To Extraordinary Relationships Library Membership.  Our growing library of Path classes will teach you how to create a relationship that feels better, easier, more conscious and connected for only $88 per month!

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Simple and Effective

Getting support for your relationship shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why we've designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your relationship with science-backed, empowerment-centered video classes tailored to common issues couples encounter.

Your learning can happen at your own pace and your own direction. All videos are available whenever you are. 

There is a free mobile app available so you can learn from anywhere!

A new "Path" class is released (at least) monthly, and most videos are 30-60 minutes long. Each video also includes integration exercises to deepen, embody, and apply your learning.

How Will A Path Membership Help Us?

Understand Why 

It's not you, your partner or your communication abilities that are the reason for your struggles!  The issue is usually more complex and involves both of you... and your nervous systems. 

We'll help you understand what's at the root of what's not working, so that you can effectively heal and improve things!

Learn Skills & Tools For How

Most people simply have never learned how to do relationships well, especially when they get hard. And unfortunately, there aren't a lot of and great examples out there (Romcoms and romance novels are NOT a good source of what to expect or do!) 

We teach you science-backed, empowering, and accountability-centered ways that WORK to powerfully navigate your relationship challenges.

Integrate & Apply

Cognitive learning is really just the beginning.

Doing the work to integrate and apply what you are learning into who you are and how you show up in your relationship is where real transformation occurs.

Each Path class includes integration exercises at the end, to deepen, personalize, and apply your learning.

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Learn & Create Together

With our membership library's interactive features, the answer to any question you have about a course you're watching is only one post away. We WILL answer!

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Some Of Our Recent Class You Get Access To...

Membership Includes Dozens of Classes Already Available, Covering...

  • Foundational Frameworks For Extraordinary Relationships
    • Empowered Accountability - Our Core Methodology
    • Your Greatest Power To Change Things
    • Your Personal Growth And Healing Journey
  • Powerful Communication 
    • Navigating Difficult Conversations
    • Fighting Fair
    • Disarming Defensiveness
    • Boundaries, Rules, Behavior Change Requests & Agreements
  • Common Couple Struggles
    • How To Get Your Partner To Actually Change
    • Rebuilding Trust
    • Navigating Differences
    • Sexual Desire Discrepancy
    • Conscious Co-Parenting
    • Sharing Household Labor
    • Relationships With Neurodivergence
  • Navigating Difficult Emotions
    • Managing Insecurity
    • Managing The Fear Of Losing You
    • Staying Powerful... When Your Partner Isn't
  • Next Level Love
    • Keeping It Fresh
    • The Truth About Love
  • ... and Many More!
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Your Instructors

Dr. Jeni Wahlig & Calvin Osili 

PowerfuLove Coaches 

Creators of PowerfuLove relationship coaching- a revolutionary approach to helping trailblazing* couples become empowered to heal, improve, strengthen, and expand the love in their relationships so they can consciously create fulfilling and unshakeable partnerships, live the fullest expression of themselves, and make a positive impact in their family and in the world.  


With both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Couple and Family Therapy, and over a decade as a practicing couples therapist and supervisor, Jeni has become an expert on relationships. Combining her knowledge and experience with Calvin’s passion for empowering others to challenge their programming and dare to live authentically, Jeni and Calvin offer critically conscious relationship education, high-level support, love-based accountability, and powerful integration exercises that are creating unbelievable transformation in the folx who work with them.  


Those who have enrolled in PowerfuLove’s coaching programs and utilized the skills and tools that Jeni and Calvin teach have brought their relationship back from the brinks of divorce, developed unshakable confidence in their ability to navigate any of life’s challenges, let go of long-held injuries and resentments, and rediscovered connection, intimacy, and love that they’d feared was lost forever. 


Jeni and Calvin are committed to co-creating a relationship (r)Evolution whereby we all come to engage in relationships with greater consciousness, love, authenticity, and Empowered Accountability 

*Trailblazer: Any couple who is different, feels different, or dares to live differently, authentically, and in courageous pursuit of their dreams or purpose in the world, who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves and learning more conscious and powerful ways to love, for the betterment of their lives, the world, and future generations.