Be The One Digital Course

Learn the #1 most important skill (and so much more!) for moving beyond struggles, creating conscious connection, and transforming your relationship. Empower yourself to create the changes you want to experience. Become the one your relationship needs, not just to last, but to be extraordinary. 


This is the same core curriculum we teach the couples we work with in our high-touch 6-month transformational relationship coaching program. Over the course of 12 videos (which are designed to move through in either 6 or 12 weeks) you will come to more deeply understand where your struggles come from and how to powerfully and effectively navigate them with your partner. Each lesson includes powerful integration exercises to support your learning and the embodiment of these new ways of engaging into who you are, so that you can immediately use and apply what you’re learning to improve your relationship. 

In addition to lifetime access to this course, you'll be able to ask questions and get feedback from both Dr. Jeni and Calvin Osili in our PowerfuLove Community. 

This course, with it's videos, supplemental PDFs (with all the info from the videos also included), and integration exercises, consolidates the most effective leading-edge, science-backed information from psychology, couples therapy, personal development, mindset, and interpersonal neurobiology. It's a PhD in relationships and then some... delivered to you in easy to understand ways with practical tips on how to use what you're learning to transform your relationship. 

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You have the power to change your relationship.

Perhaps you’ve heard that adage that “Knowledge is power,” or that “When you know better, you do better.” We believe in both of these statements, cliche as they may be.

To them, we  would add our own adage: We call it, “The Power Formula,” and it’s simple: Awareness = Choice = Power.

When you have awareness, consciousness, about something, you can make choices about it. Awareness moves you out of autopilot reactivity and into conscious responsiveness.

Conscious response-ability is power. It is the power to choose, to create, and to be in alignment with our authenticity and integrity.

This course if right for you and your partner if you...

  • Feel stuck in repeating struggles or conflict patterns with your partner 
  • Know how you want things to be better, but are unsure about what to do to get there
  • Have tried to work on this before, but without much success
  • Feel frustrated stuck, in pain, and worried (but also...)
  • Feel motivated and determined to make things better
  • Are committed and courageous enough to do your own work to improve your relationship
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We all need to learn this!

One of the biggest problems in relationships is a lack of awareness around the reason for struggles and the most effective solutions to them. Unless you pursue specialized education, most people are not taught how to understand relationship dynamics, navigate relationship struggles, or even make sense of our own or another person’s behavior.

Without a basic framework for understanding both struggles and their solutions in our relationships, most couples are operating from non-conscious reactivity… and it doesn’t work out very well. This course will change that for you!

Here's what you'll get...

The Be The One digital program includes:

  • 12 interactive video lessons, delivered to you over 6 weeks
  • A full workbook to review and consolidate the teachings
  • Meaningful and engaging activities and exercises to integrate and apply what you're learning
  • Access to an exclusive Becoming The One Facebook group
    • Share wins and successes
    • Ask questions and get clarification
    • Connect with others in the community

Be The One - Digital Course


  • 12 total self-paced video lessons
  • Workbook & Exercises
  • Integration Activities
  • Lifetime Access

Be The One Program Syllabus

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Stop the drain you're experiencing in your relationship and create something extraordinary, together.

All without the cost, scheduling hassle, and limited success of therapy

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