Move beyond the repeating struggles and make your relationship EXTRAORDINARY!  

It Starts with One

Hosted by - Dr. Jeni Wahlig PhD LMFT & Calvin Osili 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ [LGBTQ+] Relationship Coaches @PowerfuLove

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Learn the 4 simple shifts that will TRANSFORM your relationship(s)! 

In this FREE (no-sales!) 1-hour relationship-accelerating presentation, we will walk you through how YOU can: 

  • Become more fulfilled, connected, and confident (not to mention happier!) in your relationship – even if your partner isn’t on board (yet!)
  • Move past your struggles and eliminate virtually 90% of the conflict and communication challenges when you develop THIS ONE skill that NO ONE has ever taught you.
  • Engage in a simple yet powerful practice that will accelerate your relationship transformation.
  • Quickly and effectively MASTER these shifts and create lasting improvements.