The PowerfuLove Success System

Take a powerful step towards transforming your relationship.


Get access to a proven system for relationship success-- for less than the price of one couples therapy session per month!




Develop the skills, tools, & confidence you need for better  communication & to create safety, ease, & connection.



Learn our powerful, proven methodology to create healing, growth, and improvements in your relationship (and within yourself!)



Get coaching support and feedback, plus the accountability you need to stay in the work, from your relationship transformation coaches Jeni & Calvin!


Connect with, be encouraged by, learn from & support our growing PowerfuLove community 

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.
- African Proverb

In this membership community you get the opportunity to do both!  Focusing on your individual growth journey, and strengthening your committed relationship while in community with other amazing humans doing similar work. 

The PowerfuLove Success System Includes:

All The Tools You Need To Create The Relationship You Want

You'll get access to our: 

  •  Signature Be The One Relationship Transformation Program 
    • Learn the proven framework, tools, and skills to stop the struggles, heal the heartache, and find your way back to love, partnership, and happiness
    • This is the SAME core program our high-level coaching clients receive
    • Includes: 9 Video Lessons, PDF Workbook, Integration Exercises & Optional Quizzes
    • Valued at $1,998 
  • Powerful Communication Course
    • Gain the communication skills you've never learned and deepen the ones you have, so you can communicate easily and effectively-- even when it's difficult-- fight fairly, and repair authentically and well.
    • Includes 6 Videos Lessons, PDF Workbook, & Integration Exercises
    • Valued at $444
  • The Path To Extraordinary Relationships Library
    •  Science-backed, accountability centered, deep dive classes on common relationship issues that teach you how to navigate them more powerfully and effectively. 
    • Dozens of classes to choose from,  each with integration exercises to take the learning deeper and apply it. 
    • New classes released monthly.
    • Valued at $999
  •  Ongoing Coaching Feedback & Support From Dr. Jeni And Coach Calvin In The Community
    • Includes invitations to accountability and application of what you're learning
    • And the ability to Direct Message Jeni and Calvin with issues or questions you'd prefer not to post publicly or in front of your partner
    • Monthly check-in surveys so we can better understand your situation, how things are going, and how we can help
    • Valued at $555
  •  Monthly Community Exclusive Live Coaching Call
    • One room with Coach Cal and one room with Dr. Jeni so that you and your partner can have a safe space to share freely
    • Opportunities for live, direct, personalized coaching
    • Valued at $444/month
  •  PowerfuLove Community
    • We are creating a love-bubble of beautiful, courageous, like-minded souls who are committed to their own relationship growth and healing journeys.
    • Find resonance, connection, and clarity in a community of others who are learning and practicing the same skills you are.
    • Learn and grow in your own relationship from the questions and experiences of others.
    • Receive support and encouragement from within the community.
    • Share your wisdom and experience with others-- be a teacher and a support to them to! 
    • Valued at $111/month
  •  A TOTAL VALUE For You Of $7,362*
    • *Over the course of 6 months
  • PLUS FREE Membership Access For Your Partner
    • Should they want to join too!
    • They get their own log-in and access to all of the same materials, support, and community.
    • Learn and grow together with a shared language, framework, tools, and information-- this is when the magic happens!
    • Valued at $7,326

All for only $188 per month!!!

  •  That's less than the cost of one couples therapy session with Dr. Jeni
  • Or, pay for 6 months up front and save $129!
  • We also offer a limited number of 6- month scholarships for members of LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC communities. Contact us to apply. 
From PowerfuLove Coaches: Dr. Jeni and Calvin

It feels selfish to keep this transformational stuff to ourselves. "

This is our passion. To us, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.



Why Consider The PowerfuLove Success System? 

Because It's Everything You Need To Create The Relationship You Want

We've included EVERYTHING that we know is essential to successful healing, change, and the creation of something extraordinary in a relationship, and we want you to have it.

Here are some of the benefits and outcomes of joining the PowerfuLove Success System: 

  • Learn a proven step-by-step path for healing, reconnecting, and transforming your relationship. 
  • Immerse yourself in powerful practices that can virtually eliminate conflict and communication breakdown in your relationship and empower you to navigate any challenge that life might bring your way.
  • Build essential tools for managing triggers, so you can respond rather than react within your relationship. 
  • Develop the skills to consciously RESPOND within your relationship, rather than reacting.
  • Improve communication, connection, and intimacy. 
  • Find a shared understanding, language, and tools that you and your partner can use to support one another through a lifetime of love and growing together.
  • Discover deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, and why each of you think, feel, and act the way you do.
  • Become a more authentic, aligned, and empowered version of yourself. 
  • Get support, feedback, and encouragement as you practice and apply what you're learning.
  • Move past the struggles that you've been stuck in.
  • Heal the hurts and let go of long-held resentments. 
  • Step into your power to be a leader of your life, a center of light and love, a haven of safety and connection for those you care about.
  • Connect with, learn from, be encouraged by, and offer support to our growing love-bubble of a community, so you can know and feel that you're not going through any of this alone. 
I'm IN!
Check out our growing community


I can't imagine getting into an intimate relationship with someone who doesn't know these tools, having been through the program.  

Sounds exhausting."



We made the decision to make the time, money, emotional investments in this program. Seeing each other do the work completely changed our relationship for the better." 



Honestly, I am already so remarkably impressed with everything you all have built (even as an LMFT to go through these modules - the information is gold and so palatable)...

It’s so refreshing to have a viable option outside of couples therapy.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Why wait?

The relationship you want is waiting for you, and the PowerfuLove Success System can take you there.



Join the PowerfuLove Success System, and get access to what, how, and who you need to heal, grow, and take your relationship to the next level. Can't wait to see you inside!



Your Instructors

Dr. Jeni Wahlig & Calvin Osili 

PowerfuLove Coaches 

Creators of PowerfuLove relationship coaching- a revolutionary approach to helping trailblazing* couples become empowered to heal, improve, strengthen, and expand the love in their relationships so they can consciously create fulfilling and unshakeable partnerships, live the fullest expression of themselves, and make a positive impact in their family and in the world.  

With both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Couple and Family Therapy, and over a decade as a practicing couples therapist and supervisor, Jeni has become an expert on relationships. Combining her knowledge and experience with Calvin’s passion for empowering others to challenge their programming and dare to live authentically, Jeni and Calvin offer critically conscious relationship education, high-level support, love-based accountability, and powerful integration exercises that are creating unbelievable transformation in the folx who work with them.  

Those who have enrolled in PowerfuLove’s coaching programs and utilized the skills and tools that Jeni and Calvin teach have brought their relationship back from the brinks of divorce, developed unshakable confidence in their ability to navigate any of life’s challenges, let go of long-held injuries and resentments, and rediscovered connection, intimacy, and love that they’d feared was lost forever. 

Jeni and Calvin are committed to co-creating a relationship (r)Evolution whereby we all come to engage in relationships with greater consciousness, love, authenticity, and Empowered Accountability 

*Trailblazer: Any couple who is different, feels different, or dares to live differently, authentically, and in courageous pursuit of their dreams or purpose in the world, who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves and learning more conscious and powerful ways to love, for the betterment of their lives, the world, and future generations.