Couples Powerful Communication Course

Learn the Art of Powerful Communication

This course is jam-packed with a TON of relationship enriching, communication-enhancing, good stuff!

In this course, we will dive into what’s really happening behind the communication issues you’re struggling with, help you learn to recognize the pattern you and your loved one(s) get stuck in so you can get out of it quicker, learn proven communication skills, become empowered to create new communication experiences and connection, and more!

Come open, ready to grow, and with excited anticipation for the communication improvements that your relationship WILL experience when you put all that you learn into action.

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Does your communication...

Need some improvement?

Communication issues are the most frequently stated source of frustration and dissatisfaction in couple relationships.

And we get it! When something is bothering you, when you are hurt, upset, confused, disappointed, angry, etc— you probably want to talk to your partner about it! Yet when the need for communication is about something hard, painful, or vulnerable, suddenly, communication itself tends to become hard, painful, and vulnerable!

When you understand why this happens and are empowered with what you can do about it, communication transforms

This course if right for you and your partner if you...

  • Struggle communicating with one another, especially around certain topics
  • Feel confused and upset by the way that your partner communicates
  • Find yourself stuck in a pattern and feeling like you’re having the same conversation (or type of conversation) over and over
  • Don’t reach a satisfactory resolution to your conversations often enough
  • Experience blow-ups and/or shut downs that leave both of you feeling frustrated, defeated, and hurting
  • Are starting to carry hurt, resentment, fear, and/or dread as a result of previous communication breakdowns 
  • Have a hard time coming back into connection with one another after a difficult communication experience
  • Simply want to take your communication skills to the next level 
That's us- but not for long

Imagine... communication you can trust

(Because you understand what it takes and have the skills to navigate even the most difficult conversations. Now that's what we're talking about!)

We KNOW how important communication is to all relationships; it’s why we built this course!

Our Couples Communication Course is open to individuals, couples, and polycules. And while we call it a “Couples” course, it’s open to and relevant for AAALLL relationships. So if you want to show up with a friend or family member, please do! 

How would it feel if you could...

  • Understand why communication is so difficult sometimes, and why you and your partner react the ways you do
  • Empower yourself to be a catalyst for improved communication in your relationship
  • Be able to more effectively communicate with your partner about difficult issues
  • Create a feeling of greater understanding between you and your partner 
  • Reach resolutions that feel good (or as good as possible) for you both
  • Learn how to engage in conflict more effectively
  • Move back into harmony and connection after disconnection
  • Be more confident, powerful, and effective in your ability to communicate

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The REAL reason that communication is so hard sometimes, and how to empower YOURSELF to make it easier
  • You and your partner’s unique communication pattern and how to get yourselves unstuck from it
  • Two proven approaches that will take your communication effectiveness to the next level, while also making it easier for your partner to do the same. 
  • Essential communication skills for more effective speaking and listening
  • A clear and easy-to-follow process of communication that will leave you both feeling heard, understood, and cared about (even when discussing a difficult topic)
  • How to make conflict less harmful, and move back into connection and harmony more quickly and effectively than ever before
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