It Starts with One: How to move past struggles and create an extraordinary relationship!

It can be SO much better than the frustration, pain, and unhappiness you've been experiencing, and YOU can take it there. We'll show you how.









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When rainbows turn to storms 🌈⛈

Most of us want to experience that truly special relationship—someone who knows you, loves you for ALL that you are, and will really show up for you when you need them.

In our community, it can feel especially rare to find such a person. 

When you do, it feels like a dream come true, doesn’t it!?  

Until the problems start...

Perhaps you try to talk about them, hoping you will reach a resolution. But attempts to communicate result in defensiveness and conflict. Eventually, one of you shuts down, leaving the other feeling exasperated and unloved.

Despite a deep desire to make things better, you find yourselves stuck... having the same conversations and spinning your wheels, repeating issues you can't seem to get past.

What once felt so alive and full of promise and possibilities, now feels painful, draining, and maybe even hopeless. 

Relationship distress is consuming. It affects many parts of our lives and well-being. Without improvement, it can result in long-term suffering and unhappiness, or the relationship’s end—often both.  

We get it, and we’ve been there—in both the suffering and the relationship ending… several times!  

But, there’s MORE on the other side of ‘this’.

Click below to book a FREE 60-90 minute Relationship Empowerment call. Together, we will explore what's not working, gain clarity on what you want and identify the most powerful next steps you can take to transform your relationship.

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We did ALL the ‘Right Things’... but NOTHING was working

Even after Jeni spent years studying relationships and helping other couples as a therapist, we kept coming back together and repeating the same old hurts. 

Until eventually… we figured something out. 

I, Jeni, have been obsessed with studying relationships since I was a kid, and even went so far as to get my PhD in Couple and Family Therapy. 

I worked for 10 years using everything I had learned about relationships to help other couples improve their relationships. 

I had some success, but it was slow, and I wasn’t helping them create the lasting changes I knew they needed.   

What’s worse, my relationship with Calvin continued to suffer.  

Even though I was sure I was doing all the ‘right things’, nothing was working.  

Calvin, who was going through some of the hardest times of his life, including his gender transition, had little left to offer to a relationship that continued to take more than it was giving. 

We almost gave up for good.  What a tragedy that would have been… because now we are enjoying a life and a relationship that is BETTER than anything we’ve ever imagined was possible for our lives! 

What changed?  We did! 

And now we are on a mission to help others change as well, by showing up powerfully for themselves and their relationship, and thus transforming their relationship.

Let's Fix "It" Together!

"Their" Relationship Model Doesn’t Work for Us

The truth is, relationships challenge the sh*t out of all of us!

And if you identify as LGBTQIA+, your relationship likely comes with extra challenges on top of all those that any other couple would face.

Gender journeys, changes to your relationship structure, being "out", family planning, rejection, discrimination, and even violence, intersect with all of the other challenges that come up in our relationships. 

MANY couples are unable to resolve the challenges they experience, and the reason, we have found, is because the way we think that relationships "should" work, does NOT work!  

Most available solutions, (which are rooted in cis-gender, heterosexual, patriarchal, mono-normative, and largely White ideas) don’t even work for most cis-gender, heterosexual, mono-normative, White couples. Why would they work for those of us in our beautiful, diverse, intersectional relationships!? 

If we want to.... (have an extraordinary relationship), the way we engage in relationships must evolve

To do this, we need to know what's really going on and learn how to effectively address it.

But it all starts with a powerful decision and the RIGHT support.

Too many relationships stay stuck in suffering or end, perhaps unnecessarily. Don’t let that be your story. 

It’s time you and your love experience the amazing and beautiful relationship you once knew was possible. And we would be honored to help. 

I'm Ready

Your Next Step (It's Free!)

Contact us for a free 60-90 minute Relationship Empowerment call. 

We will help you get clear on exactly what’s not working, what you want to be different, and the next most important step you can take to get there. 

I Love Free! 😍

We Work With Soulmates

You see, what we have found is that, like us, most LGBTQ+ soulmates struggle despite their powerful connection. 

Most couples think the problem is communication, or being too different, or their partner just not getting it.  

They think that the solution is better communication so that their partner can understand, start stepping up, and interact differently. 

The reality is that communication is not the problem, nor the solution.  These soulmates will never achieve the relationship they know is possible by trying to get their partner to understand and change.  

In fact, their partner doesn’t need to participate in taking steps to improve the relationship for the relationship to improve. 

The truth is each partner has the power (and dare we say, responsibility,) to create the relationship they desire. Deciding to be the one to transform the relationship, is a necessary first step.

We’ve discovered that partners also need to learn the skills to show up powerfully for themselves and their relationship(s). 

However, they need the right kind of support to successfully apply those skills.  When they do, their relationship changes quickly and permanently, becoming resilient to any challenge.

Let's Do This!

What’s Waiting For You...

When you can free yourself from the past, then you and your soulmate can create a relationship that exceeds their expectations for what is possible. 

And then you both can move into your future together with confidence, security, ease, and joy unlike you’ve ever known before. 

Calvin and I are so passionate about helping other LGBTQ+ couples make it!

The first step is to book your FREE 60-90 Empowerment Call.

And, if it seems like a good fit – where we can help you move beyond the disconnect in your relationship – we’ll share more about our private 6-month coaching program to walk (one or both) partners through, step-by-step, EXACTLY how to transform your relationship.

I'm Ready!


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We empower committed (but defeated) LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ soulmates to own their shi(f)t so they can move beyond their repeating struggles and consciously create an easier, more connected, and fulfilling relationship.

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