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The Knowledge and Skills You've Been Missing

Being stuck in conflict or struggles sucks. We want to acknowledge you for being here and looking for support for your relationship.

If you're like most couples, you've been hoping for a fairy-tale relationship that unfolds easily, passionately, and joyfully. You want a partner who sees you, accepts you, and makes you feel safe, loved, and alive. You want a relationship in which the two of you can communicate effectively, come together to resolve whatever challenge life may throw at you, and stand proud and confident in your dreams for the future.

And, if you're like most couples, you haven't been taught how to actually create a relationship like that. Probably, you haven't even seen many examples of relationships like that (Hollywood aside). So when you and your partner experience conflict that hits harder than you expect, struggles and differences that you can't seem to get past, and communication that, despite your best efforts, keeps breaking down, you find yourself at a loss for what to do to make things better.

And who could blame you!? Despite the dominant expectations, the truth is that powerfully navigating relationships is a skill. It is something you learn how to do. It takes knowledge, consciousness, intentionality, and work. It requires self-awareness and courage to examine your own stuff and it takes a clear framework for understanding how to make sense of both your own and your partner's stuff and know what to do about it!  

This is why relationship education is such a foundational part of our proven work with couples, and the relationship knowledge and skills that we teach are TRANSFORMATIONAL. You can learn how to transform your relationship. You and your partner can become your own relationship experts. You can create the relationship of your dreams, and it starts with learning how. 

Our courses offer you the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills you need to powerfully transform your relationship and consciously create a love like no other. All with the freedom to learn at your own pace, engage and integrate in your own way, in the comfort of your own space, and for a fraction of the cost and time investment of traditional couples coaching or therapy.

An even greater love, joy, and ease await you.


Be The One - Digital Program

Learn the #1 most important skill for moving beyond struggles, creating conscious connection, and transforming your relationship. Empower yourself to create the changes you want to experience. Become the one your relationship needs, not just to last, but to be extraordinary. 


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Powerful Communication 

Find out what’s really happening behind the communication issues you’re struggling with, understand and recognize the pattern you and your loved one(s) get stuck in, and learn proven communication skills to stay in connection, reach resolution, and bring greater ease and effectiveness to communication in your relationship.


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The Path To Extraordinary Relationships Library Membership

We all want truly extraordinary relationships, but most of the time, our relationships are more difficult than we imagined they'd be! The truth is, none of us have been taught how to navigate the hard parts of relationships, much less create truly extraordinary ones. 

This class intends to change that.

Join us in this relationship education to learn how to have better, easier, even extraordinary relationships

(Almost) Every Monday, we will release a class that addresses a common source of relationship struggle and how to transcend it.  

We incorporate your input/feedback to inspire each week's course.  If there are topics you would like to see addressed, just respond to our brief weekly survey!  

This monthly membership gives you unlimited access to our entire library of class recordings and materials to learn on your schedule.

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